All new construction, subdivision, alteration of land, and/or alteration of a building or structure requires development and building permits. Major renovations typically require building permits. There are façade requirements in Radium’s commercial area that require a Development Permit.  Radium has two types of Development Permits (Minor and Major). A Minor Development permit is eligible for a more streamlined approval process and consists of projects involving exterior painting, landscaping, materials, repairs, lighting, windows/doors, and/or new structure less than 20 square metres. Plan ahead and avoid red tape by acquiring all relevant municipal permits prior to operation.

Fees are levied on new construction to cover the municipality’s infrastructure costs associated with new development:

Radium Development Cost Charges

  • Residential Single Family (per unit) - $4642.87
  • Duplex (per unit) - $4285.72
  • Townhouse (per unit) - $4107.15
  • Apartment (per unit) - $3571.43
  • Industrial (per square metre) - $0

Building permit fees are charged for new construction or renovation work:

Most signs require a permit -

All businesses operating within the Village are required to obtain a business license (most business including home occupations - $75, larger enterprises - $125). A business license signifies to the public and other businesses that you have met municipal licensing and other Municipal Bylaw requirements and are permitted to operate your business. The onus is on the individual business to determine whether a Provincial license is required. Business license info -

For development, building, subdivision and zoning guides and applications -


For more information about provincial business licensing and assistance with business start- up/expansion:

Government of B.C.


Government of Canada


  • BizPal – resource for business permit and license information based on location and type of business -