Independent Entrepreneurs

Peace. Out.

“You were born to be wild, and life’s pushy pace need not stop you from turfing the tie and smelling the flowers. Come on over to the warm side of the rocks, let your spirit find its muse among the mountains, and pioneer with us as we hike along an ambitious sustainable community pathway.”

Footloose ‘lifepreneurs’, Internet-based business, creative content producers, professional services, and tele-commuters - use Radium as a gateway to the world, enabled by:

  • A ‘smart’ community with Internet connectivity.
  • 3 hours to Calgary for those considering telecommuting or consulting services options.
  • 15% of the Canadian workforce (self-employed, company-employed) now working at home part or full-time.
  • Enabling home-based business regulation in Radium.
  • Enterprising young retirees with ‘bucket list’ entrepreneurial aspirations - relocating to Radium or transitioning from part-time recreational property ownership to more full-time residency.