Labour force wages are the single biggest operational cost for the majority of enterprise.  The 2009 B.C. Wage and Salary Survey ( covers 120 of the most common occupations and provides information on wages and salaries for full-time and part-time employees in B.C. by occupation, geographic area and industry group. It also includes information on skill shortages in B.C. The Survey can help a business make investment decisions and operational plans.

In general, salaries in Radium are at or just below provincial average, which  enables enterprise competitiveness while generating amenable cost of living for the local workforce given substantially lower than provincial average housing price. 

Representative Occupation Hourly Wage (Average, Full-time, 2009)


Occupation BC Kootenay Region
(inc. Radium)
Carpenter $24.51  $24.74
Labourer in Wood Pulp & Paper Processing $24.36 $21.33
Cashier $11.51 $11.76
Food & Beverage Server $10.15 $9.82
Heavy Equipment Operator $25.40 $26.64


Additional salary information is available as follows: