Tourism Infrastructure

"R&R – easily tossed around…hard to find.

Wonderland – a place we have time to ponder life’s slower rhythms in.

Where everybody knows your name – a belonging experience we all crave in life.

Be it those long mountain top rays of a sunrise, a wandering conversation over glossy orange hood of antique car show, the fall fog of breath of a mountain sheep, a pond’s lazy pattern of ripples, the parabolic curve of golf ball set against grey-hued mountain the quiet…in the peace…we are at peace with ourselves and with the meaning of life. All is right in a world that has paused to listen rather than shout.

Here you are….you – a proud statement about the quiet riot that is Radium.

Give peace a chance in Radium.

Come on. Get happy.”

Radium’s Tourism Development Investment Goals

Radium has an extensive tourism offering based on natural outdoor experiences. Six hundred hotel rooms, two in-community campgrounds (214 sites), and one nearby National Park campground (Redstreak, 242 sites) contribute to a 700% swelling of the local summer population to nearly 5000, and doubling of the Columbia Valley population to 20,000. Eighty percent of TripAdvisor-reviewed hotels/B&B’s ranked 4/5 or higher, with consistent review themes: clean, comfortable, friendly, affordable.

Radium is seeking to extend its tourism offering and enhance its tourism experience with investment attraction focused on the following:

1) Wellness

Being well has always been a Radium-living theme (Hot Springs, “mountains shall bring peace to the people”), but can be enhanced with rejuvenation-related wellness services (spa, physio, yoga….the “softer” medical services). Our Hot Springs becomes a bigger metaphor for power of place to clear the head, let shoulders down, and transform self under the umbrella of our “peace-loving” brand.

2) Eco-Tourism (Serengeti)

The Columbia Valley has been described as B.C.’s Serengeti. “Creature” comforts – from wolf to grizzly to bighorn sheep are nearby, lending itself to adventure/interpretive tours.

3) Hand-Crafting

Inspiring places attract inspired creative talents. From Market on Main that puts local cottage industry on display to those who live or visit and create hand-made products, we want to put a spotlight on our creative inspirations in retail establishments, at events, or online.

Local/Regional Tourism Infrastructure


  • In-community hiking: Old Coach Trail (8 km), Sinclair Creek Pathway (2.5 km)
  • Bike pump track (bike trail with small jumps and corners) -
  • Golf (36 holes) – Springs Course (rated one of the top 60 golf courses in Canada ) and Resort Course - 15 courses located within a 45 minute drive
  • Two playgrounds
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Community Hall (capacity 185 people)
  • Wildlife watching/fishing - Columbia River - largest continuous wetlands in North America
  • Canoeing on the nearby Columbia River
  • Geocaching -
  • Tours - trail riding and ATV tours available
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Area Biking - road touring (Lake Windermere Route, Golden Triangle Loop, Sinclair Canyon), cross-country (Johnson Trail, fire roads in Kootenay National Park, Nipika Mountain Resort, Panorama Mountain Village), downhill (Mount Swansea, Panorama Mountain Village) -   
  • Area Hiking - short day hikes (Juniper, Red Streak Campground and Dog Lake Trails in KNP, Lower Bugaboo Falls, Mount Swansea Lookout), day hikes (Stanley Glacier in KNP, Diana Lake, Jumbo Pass, Lake of the Hanging Glacier, Mount Swansea Loop Trails), multi-day hikes (Kindersley-Sinclair Loop and Rockwell Trail in KNP).


All Season

  • Radium Hot Springs Mineral Pools - Canada's largest mineral springs pool  –
  • Kootenay National Park (KNP) ( – backpack, bike, camp, climb/mountaineer, cross-country ski, fish, hike, hot springs, ice climbing, picnic, snowshoe, wildlife view. 200 km of trails including Rockwall Trail (54 km) – one of highest rated hikes in Canada.

Tourism Radium

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