Village Living

Radium: Home of the Peaceful Spirits

Authentic. Connected. Self-sufficient. Beautiful. Compact. An Environmental Steward. Radium is a small, close knit mountain village that is personable and personal. Radium feels like a best friend. Radium is an all-natural spiritual therapist for souls needing escape from a burdened world. Rejuvenation is quieter, more intimate…a purposeful slow-down that inspires creativity and zest for life. By another name we call that feeling a spa. This one is bigger – Radium-sized. We’re not festooned with chain establishments and boilerplate service. We are the real deal…a simpler time in the imagination where social manners, social graces, and ‘do unto others’ was time-honoured tradition. In Radium we honour the traditions, and nurture them moving forward in our ambitious effort to build a humble, relaxed, sustainable mountain community where “everyone knows your name” (homage to TV show Cheers). Take a look at our Sheep – even the wildlife feels tight knit.

Why Radium?

We Are Accessible - within three hours of the Calgary Region (real estate investment), 5 minute access to Kootenay National Park and one of B.C.’s habitat wonders: the Columbia Valley wetlands, and a location on the warm side of the Rockies.

We Are Dynamic – one of B.C.’s 13 designated resort municipalities with a compact, self-sufficient, connected, and environmental vision.

We Are A Recreational Wonderland- a hint of our recreational “wonderland” is revealed by being home to one of the top 60 golf courses in Canada, Canada's largest mineral springs pool, and one of the highest rated hikes in Canada (Rockwell Trail, Kootenay National Park). 

We Are A Community With a Heart - we are a warm, friendly place that is a throwback to simpler, quieter mountain living.