Holiday Train
12/13/2019 5:00 pm

The CP Rail Holiday Train will once again visit Radium Hot Springs.  Join us on Friday, December 13th, at the Horsethief Forest Service Road crossing (head down Forsters Landing Road toward the Canfor Mill, then turn left onto Horsethief Forest Service Road. There will be traffic control on site and parking at the bottom of the hill will be restricted to those individuals requiring assistance with access.

The train is expected around 6:00pm.  



Rail safety is important - especially during this event when there are hundreds of people gathering near the railroad tracks. Here are some rail safety tips:


Freight trains travel up to 105 km/h and can take up to two minutes to come to a complete stop - the average 150-car freight train traveling 100 km/h needs about 2,500 meters to stop. An automobile traveling at 90 km/h requires about 60 meters to stop. Trains can't stop as quickly as automobiles can.

Here're some rules to help you stay safe near the railway:

  • Be aware, attentive and prepared to stop at highway/railway crossings.
  • Listen for warning bells and/or whistles of an approaching train. Turn off or turn down, fans,   heaters, music/radios. Do not use a cell phone while driving. Ask children to be quiet until     the crossing is safely crossed. Opening the window helps you hear.
  • Obey all signs and signals. Never attempt to drive under a gate as it is closing or around a closed gate. If the gate begins to close while you're underneath, keep moving ahead until you clear the crossing.
  • Never race a train to a crossing. Even if it's a tie, you'll lose.
  • If a police officer or a member of the train crew is directing traffic at the crossing, obey their directions. 
  • Cross the tracks in low gear. Do not attempt to change gears while crossing.
  • If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, get out quickly and away from the vehicle and tracks. Move in the direction that the train is approaching from to avoid being hit by debris.
  • If your view is obstructed for 300m in either direction, do not attempt to cross the track until you are certain that no train is approaching.
  • Keep moving once you start to cross the track in your vehicle. If the warning signals begin to flash, straight ahead is your safest and fastest way to safety.
  • Be extra alert and especially careful when driving at night or in bad weather. Watch for the advance warning sign – slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • Walking or playing on train tracks is dangerous and illegal. Railway property is private property.
  • Railway tracks may be a tempting shortcut, but they are very dangerous and illegal. The only safe way to cross railway tracks is to use designated crossings and obey all signs and signals.


 Playing games around trains or railway crossings can be deadly.

  • Playing on railway tracks and bridges is dangerous. Teach children to find safe, supervised and open areas (i.e. neighborhood parks) to have fun.
  • The only way to cross railway tracks is to use designated railway crossings.
  • If children must cross railways, for example on their way to and from school, teach them to stop, look, and listen before crossing railway tracks.
  • It is against the law to trespass on railway property.

For more information on the Holiday Train, visit the website