Forest Service Road Travel Tips

Canfor is actively logging in the Forster Creek Forest Service Road area and therefore traffic will increase on the road that will be shared with outdoor recreationalists, as well as snowmobilers and their trailers. 

Here are some tips for sharing the road with industrial traffic: 


Drivers with two-way radios will benefit from tuning into the appropriate frequency to communicate with other road users. Forest Service Roads have signs at their entrances indicating the name of the road and the appropriate radio frequency to tune in.  

If you are a user of a two-way radio, you should tune in to the appropriate frequency and then call in your location and direction. Other users will do the same, so you will know if there is a need for you to pull out at some point to allow loaded trucks to pass. Keep in mind that not all road users will have radios.

Yield to oncoming industrial traffic, obey all road signs, and don’t block traffic.

Note that:  It is illegal to operate a snowmobile on snowplowed Forest Service Roads in BC.

What if you don’t have a radio dialed to the road channel?   

  • Get radio contact
  • Follow a truck with a radio and pull over if it does
  • Wait for a truck to call your location and direction ( e.g. Forster 13 km UP or DOWN)

Snowmobilers using the Forster Creek Trail are to park at the 27.7 km parking lot on the Forster Forest Service Road

Access to the Forster Creek Snowmobile trail will NOT be possible from the Westside Road /Dogleg Lake 21 km parking area.  

Use radio frequency 158.46


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