Winter Road Maintenance

Winter road maintenance is expensive, dangerous and time consuming. There are several ways that you can help make the job more cost effective and safe.

If there is a snowfall and you have a vehicle parked on the roadway, please remove it immediately. If it is not moved the vehicle may be bermed in or subject to towing. It is the owner’s responsibility to shovel it out.

Any obstructions to the plow trucks placed on public Right of Ways such as rocks, fences or planters should be removed for the winter. These may be destroyed by snowplow operations or they can do substantial damage to plow equipment. Owners of such obstructions may be at risk if equipment is unnecessarily damaged. Public works may find it necessary to remove obstructions to plow trucks. The public right of way may typically extend from two to three meters from the edge of blacktop and is essential for the storage of snow between snow events.

Winter operations require large, heavy equipment. Our snow contractors make every effort to minimize the amount of snow that gets plowed into driveways. However, it is almost inevitable that this will occur. Homeowners are responsible for removal of berms across their driveways.

Placing snow on public spaces in a manner that impedes pedestrian or vehicle traffic is unsafe and can cause accidents.

We are thankful for your cooperation.