Important Changes to Property Tax Deferment
Property Tax Deferment Changes -  starting April 2020, B.C. residential property owners can apply for property tax deferment on their principal residence online, quickly and easily. And for the first time, owners can choose to auto renew their application. Municipalities will no longer be responsible for accepting applications.

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Question & Answer

  1. Why move the property tax deferment program application process online?
  • Currently, it can take up to five months for applications to the property tax deferment program to be reviewed due to the increased use of the program. As well, eligible owners must complete a renewal application each year.
  • The increased volume in applications has resulted in eligible home owners paying interest and penalties, in addition to the property tax they owe.
  • That is why we launched the online application process that will allow for quicker application review, which means that British Columbians can receive the benefits of this program sooner.
  • As well, eligible property owners will be able to auto renew their application in subsequent years.
  • This is part of our work to improve the programs and services British Columbians rely on.
  1. With this launch of the new online application, did the B.C. government make any other changes to the program and its requirements?
  • No. The property tax deferment program itself has not been changed, and the eligibility requirements remain the same.
  • British Columbians can find out more about eligibility and what information they will need to provide when they apply at
  • The B.C. government is introducing a new online application to improve service to British Columbians:
    • Online application is secure and easy to fill out. No mailing required.
    • Quicker review and approval of applications.
    • For the first time, owners can choose to auto-renew their application.
  1. Will B.C. property owners be able to make a paper application?
  • Property owners who still wish to apply via a paper application can download the form here:
  • Municipalities will not accept paper-based applications, and they will now be submitted to the B.C. government.
  • The paper-based applications will not be eligible for the automatic renewal option that is available through the online application, and delays may still occur with these applications.