Evacuation Notification System

Posted: August 7th, 2019 In Announcements

New Evacuation Notification System Launched for East Kootenay

The RDEK has launched an Evacuation Notification System (ENS) powered by Voyent Alert! to keep residents and property owners informed in case of evacuation orders or alerts during critical events such as wildfires, floods or hazardous materials incidents. The notification system will only be used for evacuation alerts or orders in the East Kootenay and the sign-up process is simple. You do have to register for the app and enter at least one location to receive notifications.

  • To receive notifications via text or phone, registration is available online at: https://ca.voyent-alert.com/vras/register.html Choose “My Locations” from the menu to add locations.  Please make sure you enter at least one East Kootenay location when you register (such as your home, your property, your summer cabin).
  • For those who use a smart phone, there is also an app you can download to receive notifications via the app on your phone. The Voyent Alert! app can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play stores.
  • Important Note: when you are registering, you must enter at least one address/location in the East Kootenay in order to receive alerts.

This service is free and anonymous. It is available to all residents and property owners in the East Kootenay. Whether you live in a municipality, a rural area, or you own a second home here, you will receive a notification if you have subscribed and there is an evacuation alert or order affecting your chosen locations. Once signed up, you can choose to be notified via text/SMS, phone or alerts with the Voyent Alert! app. For email notifications of evacuation alerts/orders, please sign up for one of the RDEK’s email groups. You will only receive evacuation alerts or orders that affect the locations you have added.

This system will ONLY be used for evacuation orders/alerts. To receive general information on emergencies, please sign up for one of the RDEK’s email groups (click here to sign up), follow our Facebook page or other social media, rely on local media or local municipal information sources.

How to set your locations:

  1. Once logged in at https://ca.voyent-alert.com/vras/register.html  use the Add Locations button in the upper right and type in your location address.
  2. You can move the map under Voyent / My locations and zoom into the area you want to place a pin.  You can either drag your home pin there; or, click, hold and release over top of where you want the new pin dropped, to create a new “my location pin”.

For more information, visit www.rdek.bc.ca or contact the RDEK’s Cranbrook office.