COVID-19 Updates for Taxes, Utilities, and Home Owner Grants

Posted: May 12th, 2020 In COVID-19
COVID-19 Updates for Taxes, Utilities, and Home Owner Grants
Posted On: May 12th, 2020

As we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village recognizes that many of its residents are experiencing job loss or reduction, resulting in financial and emotional stress. To assist property owners, the Village has extended due dates for both utility and tax invoices. Please note the due dates and payment options below.


If you have not been financially impacted by COVID-19, it is appreciated if you would please pay your taxes by the due date of July 2nd. Municipal operations continue, despite the pandemic, and your tax dollars fund these operations.

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19, then tax payments can be deferred to September 30th. A 5% penalty will be applied after this date, and a further 5% penalty will be applied November 3rd on any unpaid balance.

Payment options are restricted to:

  • Cheque or online and telephone banking – allow time for mailing (POSTMARK is NOT accepted), or bank settling time if paying online (may take up to two days to settle).
  • e-transfers (call the office for instructions).
  • credit/debit card with 3rd party vendor, PayTM ( Please note, fees may apply by the vendor. Allow enough time for funds to settle!

The Village office currently remains closed to the public, however, there is a mail slot in the front door if you wish to drop off a cheque (no cash).


  • 2nd Period (May 1st to August 31st) – Due date – October 15th, 2020



If Radium is your permanent BC residence, you may qualify for the Home Owner Grant.  You must claim the grant every year.  The grant must be claimed ONLINE.  Paper applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED this year. New applications (ie. first time claiming the grant) are subject to follow up to confirm eligibility.

Website to Claim HOG:


  1. Click the “Online Services” at top right of screen
  2. Go to Quick Links – Home Owner Grant & click link
  3. Click on Home Owner Grant button
  4. Enter roll/folio number and PIN (found on the front of your tax notice)
  5. Click on “Claim Home Owner Grant” button
  6. Proceed by completing form


Home Owner Grant Eligibility

Please be aware that if you do not live in your home, but rent it out, it is not considered your principal residence, and therefore you are not eligible to claim the HOG. Your principal residence is the usual place that you make your home. It’s where you live and conduct your daily affairs, like paying bills and receiving mail, and it’s generally the residence used in your government records for things like your income tax, medical services plan, driver’s licence and vehicle registration.

A person who knowingly or recklessly furnishes false information in the course of applying for a grant or supplement, or in supplying information in response to a direction or request under section 18.1 (4) of the Home Owner Grant Act, commits an offence and is liable to a fine of not more than $10,000. Grants can be audited up to 7 years.


Businesses with a valid May 2019 to April 2020 Business License will now have an expiry date of December 31st, 2020. New businesses are still expected to apply for a business license.ONLINE SERVICES OFFERED THROUGH THE VILLAGE WEBSITE

Register online to electronically receive your tax or utility notice, and/or to view your tax and utility account balances and history. You cannot pay your invoice from this site. You can download the Pre-authorized payment form to set up monthly withdrawals.
Visit and click the “Online Services” at top right of screen and then “Register Here”. A PIN/ACCESS number is required for setting up each account. These codes are found on your invoice or can be obtained from the Village Office. If you have a change in your email address, please update your profile.


Highway Roundabout   For updates please visit:

Sinclair Canyon Heritage Walk

The Sinclair Canyon Interpretive Sign Project is a joint operation between Parks Canada, Friends of Kootenay, and the Village, in celebration of Kootenay National Park’s 100th Anniversary. The three kiosks will display the natural history of the Sinclair Canyon and the Columbia Valley. Parks Canada will design all the displays and kiosks and will cover the costs for two kiosks within the Park while the Village and the Friends of Kootenay will be partnering on the kiosk on Village property.


Odd numbered addresses on odd days, Even numbered addresses on even days. These measures are in place until September 30th.