Firehall Meeting Room

4878 Radium Blvd. Radium Hot Springs


4878 Radium Blvd.
Radium Hot Springs

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Located at the spacious and modern Radium Hot Springs Fire Hall, the firehall meeting room has limited availability and rental restrictions apply:

  • The meeting room is available for educational purposes (i.e. training courses) only by accredited (i.e. professional) instructors who can provide proof of accreditation and liability insurance.
  • Scheduling of the meeting room is subject to the approval of the Fire Chief pending the Fire Department’s needs, use and training schedule.
  • In the event of an emergency or major fire event, the users may be asked to vacate the premises.
  • The meeting room is not handicapped accessible.


  • Half-day use (4 hours max.): $75
  • Full-day use: $150
  • Non-refundable cleaning fee (per event): $50

Basic cleaning policy:

  • Users are expected to leave the meeting room and kitchen in a basic state of cleanliness to include:
    • Removal of all garbage
    • Wipe down of all work tables and kitchen surfaces
    • Washing and storage of all dishes and cutlery
    • Removal of all food and food waste
    • Sweeping the floor

Please note that all caterers, bands, DJ’s, wedding planners, bartending services, etc. must have a current Village of Radium Hot Springs Business Licence.