Garbage & Recycling

The Village does not currently offer local garbage pick-up. There are private companies who will pick up for a monthly fee.

Household Garbage

Edgewater Transfer Station:

  • Residential garbage can be taken to the rural Edgewater Transfer Station, located roughly 10 km north of Radium at 6001 Edgewater South Approach Road in Edgewater.
  • Click here for a link to Google Maps showing the location of Edgewater South Approach Rd.

Columbia Valley Landfill:

  • Large items, such as appliances, furniture, yard waste, propane cylinders, etc. should be taken to the Columbia Valley Landfill, located roughly 18 km south of Radium on Windermere Loop Road in Windermere.
  • The landfill site is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • There is no landfill charge for disposal of household garbage, yard waste, etc., but charges may apply for the disposal of white goods, concrete, tires, etc.

The Village does not offer local garbage pick-up, HOWEVER, the RDEK will be constructing a new transfer station adjacent to the Public Works garage (Sewer Plant Road). Until construction is completed, there are private companies who will pick up for a monthly fee.  Alternatively, garbage can be dropped off at two different locations:


Radium does not charge a recycling fee. There are Yellow Bins in Radium for disposal of certain recycled items, such as cardboard, glass, plastic. Bottles/cans and end-of-life electronics can be taken to the Bottle Depot in Invermere (18 km south). Many more recycling options are available at the Recycle BC Depot located at the Columbia Valley Landfill (22 km south). Other household items (in working order) can be recycled at the Reuse Centre, also located at the landfill.

Yellow Bins:

  • There are yellow bins for recycling located in Radium in the parking lot behind the Kootenay Block building on Main St. West. The bins accept paper, cardboard, tin/aluminum cans, grocery bags, and plastics #1-#6 (no Styrofoam, even though it is marked #6 – please bring Styrofoam to the Recycle BC Depot at the Columbia Valley Landfill). There is also a separate yellow “glass only” bin for glass food/beverage containers.
  • There is also an on-site recycling depot with yellow bins, including a glass bin, at the Edgewater Transfer Station.

Bottle Depot:

  • The Bottle Depot & Recycling is located at 133 Industrial Road #2 in Invermere and accepts bottles and cans, as well as end-of-life electronics (i.e. computer monitors, TVs). Please do not throw these items in the transfer bins.

Recycle BC Depot:

  • You can now recycle over 76 items at the Recycle BC Depot at the Columbia Valley Landfill. For more information and a detailed brochure with the list of recyclables accepted, visit the landfill webpage.

Reuse Centre:

  • There is also a Reuse Centre at the Columbia Valley Landfill, which accepts household items in good working condition. It’s free to drop items off, and free to pick items up at the Reuse Centre.