Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes for the Village of Radium Hot Springs
Date Agendas Minutes
May 20th, 2020AgendaPending
April 22nd, 2020AgendaCancelled
March 26th, 2020CancelledCancelled
March 11th, 2020AgendaCancelled
February 26th, 2020AgendaMinutes
February 12th, 2020AgendaMinutes
January 22nd, 2020AgendaMinutes
January 8th, 2020AgendaMinutes
December 11th, 2019AgendaMinutes
November 27th, 2019AgendaMinutes
November 13th, 2019AgendaMinutes
October 23rd, 2019AgendaMinutes
October 9th, 2019AgendaMinutes
September 25th, 2019CancelledCancelled
September 11th, 2019AgendaMinutes
August 14th, 2019AgendaMinutes
July 10th, 2019AgendaMinutes
June 26th, 2019AgendaMinutes
June 12th, 2019AgendaMinutes
May 22nd, 2019AgendaMinutes
May 8th, 2019AgendaMinutes
April 24th, 2019AgendaMinutes
April 10th, 2019AgendaMinutes
March 27th, 2019AgendaMinutes
March 13th, 2019AgendaMinutes